1. How old is Aquatech?

Aquatech was founded in 1966 and is still going strong at almost 50 years old!


2. Where can I get my Aquatech truck serviced?

Contact your local sales and service facility!


3. Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer training free of charge to the original user for the duration of ownership. Contact your local dealer for more details!


4. Where do I get parts for my truck?

Your best bet is to contact your local dealer


5. Do you stock parts?

Yes! We have hundreds of feet of parts inventoried at our Reno Business Park facility!


6. What is the life expectancy of an Aquatech?

With proper maintenance and care, an Aquatech can last for 20 years or more!


7. What is the water tank capacity and debris tank capacity of an Aquatech?

Water tank capacities range from 5-2500 gallons. Debris tank capacity ranges from 5-15 cubic yards.


8. What is the hose reel capacity of an Aquatech?

800 linear feet of 1” sewer hose.


9. Do you offer demonstrations?

Yes. Contact your local dealer for more information.


10. What differentiates Aquatech from other Jet/Vac Trucks?

Simplicity of design is a major benefit Aquatech offers. Our ergonomic design is another major differentiating feature. Aquatech incorporates Ergonomic Productive Position (EPP) and Ergonomic Productive Systems (EPS) into every design, ensuring OSHA compliance and operator safety.


11. Do you offer dual engine systems?

No, Aquatech trucks only use a single engine system. This reduces maintenance and operating costs and offers full control of the water pump and vacuum system, independently of each other.


12. What are the chassis options?

Our most common chassis options are Peterbilt, Freightliner, and Western Star, but we offer all major brands.


13. How can I winterize my Aquatech?

Aquatech offers a winterization package that enables the truck to function in -40ºC/F temperatures. Aquatechs can also withstand temperatures as high as 120º F.