Combination Jet/Vac Series

Aquatech Sewer Cleaning Trucks are user-friendly but also tough enough to tackle any application. These Jet/Vac Combination units use high-pressure water jetting combined with a high-flow vacuum source to clean out pipes and sewers and then vacuum up the material, which returns and maintains normal sewer flow.

Aquatech offers two different design options. The B-Series features the reel mounted on the rear of the truck, which reduces heat and noise for the operator and is ergonomically beneficial. The F-Series is a more conventional front-mounted design.

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Utility Edition

When our engineers designed the Aquatech Utility Edition, the idea was to create a combination sewer cleaner that provides a powerful, functional and weight conscious unit at an affordable price.

Water Jetter (SJR Series)

The SJR Truck-Mounted Sewer Jet is economically designed for removing sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary and storm sewer lines.

Catch Basic Cleaner (CB Series)

The CB series is designed to give unsurpassed performance in catch basins and storm sewers when a Sewer Combination Cleaning/Vacuuming Machine is not required. The CB series is ideal for all municipal vacuum applications.

Combo Hydro

The Aquatech Combo Hydro combines all of the best features of an Aquatech combination jet/vac sewer cleaner and a powerful X-Vac Hydro Excavator.

Jumbo Combo

The Jumbo Combo is perfect for large diameter pipe cleaning jobs where smaller water pumps and vacuum systems will not be able to complete the task at hand.